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Guangdong New Era Composite Material Co., Ltd.

Formerly Chaoan New Era Industrial Co., Ltd., is an enterprise that specializes in research, development, and sales of pre-coating film and other composite materials. It is one of the first domestic companies that applied pre-coating film production lines and utilized the independent innovations to engage in environmentally friendly pro-coating film production. Since 1980, New Era Company has been engaged in thermal lamination film businesses that service printing and packaging industries. In August 9th 2016, New Era Company successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations stock transfer system (NEEQ), becoming the first stock of pro-coating film in NEEQ.


New Era Company is a national high-tech enterprise, which has won the award of “Green Raw Material Quality Management Advanced Unit” granted by SAPPRFT and PTAC (Printing Technology Association of China). It is listed in the “Green Raw and Auxiliary Material Supplier” catalogue.

We have developed our four management principles, including ‘quality and efficiency, innovation and development’. Based on these management principles, we have constantly improved the internal management, and have passed the Chinese Environmental Labeling certificate (Ⅱ type), ISO9001-2008,ISO14001-2004, the national packaging product quality supervision and inspection, and SGS as well.

We have a number of intellectual property rights. Through independent research and development, we have formed a complete set of research and development system and production system. We continue to innovate and develop products to be more energy saving and multi-functional.

We have successfully applied a scientific and technological achievements appraisal as ‘ new BOPP pre-coating film preparation method research and application ’. Furthermore, Chaoan District Technology Bureau and Chaozhou Technology Bureau have also granted us the 2015 Science and Technology Progress Prize.

We are now the member of China Printing Technology Association Council and the member of Printing and Duplicating Industry Association Council in Guangdong Province.

As the first domestic pre-coating film production companies, New Era Composite Co., Ltd. has been serving the high-end domestic market and foreign markets as well. We continue to maintain good long-term cooperation with well-known brands all over the world because the market recognizes all our products’ quality, performance, price and services.

New Era Company now focuses on the development of various types of environmentally friendly pre-coating films and the research of lamination technologies after printing. We advocate the new concept of healthy and environmental protection, and are committed to service domestic and international printing & packaging manufacturers.


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